Live supportBetter than
being there
Live remote support is not only safer, faster and cheaper compared to field-service. Features like decision support and agent collaboration also make it smarter.
Show. Talk. Point. Draw.
Just ask your customers to point their smartphone’s video camera at the problem. Draw on the screen, pause it, zoom in, share visual guides. Remote support has never been more intuitive.
One-click video support
Mavenoid’s live support via video or chat runs in the browser, and needs no downloads or installation. It works for every customer and without delay. Less friction and more time for problem-solving.
Power to
the agent
The agent dashboard is optimized for technical product support and built around the needs of agents. Jump into focused troubleshooting via chat or video, without losing track of other active conversations and what the rest of the team is doing.
Fast feedback loops
As tickets are solved, agents make the product assistant smarter by telling it what worked. This continuous input quickly improves both self-service and live support.
Workflows for the modern support team
Direct video & chat links
Share one-click links with customers that take them straight to a live video chat with a support agent.

Canned responses

Decision support

Resource library
Feedback loops work across the platformWhen requests are resolved, either by humans or machine, new data is fed back into the system. It keeps content up to date, makes troubleshooting more accurate and improves decision support.
your customers
need support
they contact you
through any channel
you help your
customers remotely
feedback loops
improve the system
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Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

Schedule a demo and experience how Mavenoid meets customers with the right level of support to take them seamlessly from request to solution.
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AI-guided self-serviceTroubleshoot tough problems, give expert advice, and answer time-consuming questions—without the need for your human team to step in.Learn more