Customer storiesSee how businesses around the world use Mavenoid to provide exceptional service to their users by delivering more efficient and useful technical product support.
husqvarna customer stories
HusqvarnaInstant, personalized support to customers in nine markets and four languagesExplore the customer story
JabraJabra uses Mavenoid to reduce time spent on warranty claims by more than 40%Explore the customer story
Positec Overview image
PositecPositec reduced live chat volume by 60% across 100+ productsExplore the customer story
img-overview medion
MedionImproving resolution rates through a customized & innovative support approachExplore the customer story
bsh customer stories
BSHImproved online troubleshooting leads to 70% more customers helping themselvesExplore the customer story
img overview-cambridge audio
Cambridge AudioCambridge Audio reaches 47% self-service resolution rate with Mavenoid's product assistantExplore the customer story
Rawbike outside
RawbikeAutomated CX where 70% of customers successfully help themselvesExplore the customer story
hoppy banner
HoppyHoppy resolves 47% of support inquiries automatically with Mavenoid + JoyrideExplore the customer story
CylindaCylinda customers resolve 37% of troubleshooting issues on their ownExplore the customer story
BiceloBicelo implemented Mavenoid in 26 days to automate and scale their customer supportExplore the customer story
Lindab product
LindabLindab implemented Mavenoid in 6 weeks to swiftly scale their support Explore the customer story
Kineon Cover image
KineonKineon uses self-service to reduce their manual support ticket volume by 50%Explore the customer story
Micromobility overview
MicromobilityMicromobility company increased CSAT by 70% after adopting Mavenoid Live SupportExplore the customer story
MultimediaMultimedia company decreased their mean time to resolution by 85%Explore the customer story