How to use this calculatorSupport automation drives multiple positive business outcomes, the most important of which is increased efficiency. The more inquiries are resolved through automation, the more time and money your company will save.

Our team created a model to help businesses understand how much they could save by running their self-service support with Mavenoid. We use industry benchmarks and internal data to estimate the projected ROI.

Use it for preliminary evaluation, and contact our team to collaborate with hardware support experts on developing a more robust and detailed business case.

A few things to keep in mind before you start using the ROI calculator:
  • We are going to ask you four questions around your customer request volume, the number of support agents, cost per agent, and product category as inputs for the ROI model.
  • Don't worry, if you don't have all the data - use ballpark numbers to get a quick estimate. You can refine it later when working with the Mavenoid team.
  • You can use one product line or use case as an example for simplicity. Alternatively, you can use the default settings to see what ROI can look like.
  • After you fill out all of the information, we will show you the calculation results on your screen. The results will also be emailed to you, allowing you to share and discuss them with your team.
How many support requests do you have every month?This will help us understand the scale of support in your business.Tip: consider requests from all channels (email, phone calls, chat, etc)
How many service agents do you have?This will help us understand your team size and their efficiency.Tip: consider full-time equivalents for a more accurate calculatation (e.g. two part time agents = one full-time agent)
What's the average salary of your support agent?This will help us understand your current support costs.Tip: use average gross monthly salary, including taxes, benefits, etc
What's your product?This will help us use the right benchmarks for your industry.Tip: select the primary type of products you manufacture and / or support
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